Our Program

The BridgeYear Program reimagines career exploration by moving away from static pamphlets and hard-to-coordinate field trips. Instead, we bring the experience to schools by offering a dynamic self-exploration opportunity through hand-on activities.
We also offer personalized advising to ensure students get the support they need to succeed in life after high school.

Part One: A New Career Exploration ExperiencE

The first phase of BridgeYear’s program is our Career Test Drive® experience.

These fairs are mobile, hands-on labs that allow students to “try on” different careers. During a Career Test Drive® fair, students engage in multiple realistic career simulations that introduce them to accessible jobs, help them determine their personal “fit,” and outline possible postsecondary pathways to achieve that career.

Our Career Test Drive® Program currently features 17 skilled trade careers. These modules include professions in construction (e.g., electrician and plumber), healthcare (e.g., laboratory technician and phlebotomist), and technology (e.g., network technician and coder).

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Part Two: A Personalized Advising Experience

The second phase of BridgeYear’s Programming is our student advising experience.

If a student expresses interest in pursuing a Career Test Drive® profession as a career path, BridgeYear offers personalized advising to ensure they stay on the right track. Our advisers guarantee students the resources, support and encouragement they need to follow through on their desired pathway.  

After the Career Test Drive® Program, BridgeYear keeps working with students through Advising. Utilizing a combination of texting, emailing and calling, our students get the advice, information and encouragement they need to pursue their postsecondary goals. Now available in Spanish and English, Advising is available to students up to six months after high school graduation to ensure they are well supported during their time of transition.

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