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Explore the heartfelt stories that echo the impact of BridgeYear. These quotes offer a glimpse into the journeys of educators and students alike, highlighting the profound influence of our programs.

[BridgeYear's Career Test Drive® Fair] gives us educators the opportunity to see our student’s in a different light since they are usually sitting in a classroom with a textbook or laptop in front of them. It also gives us educators a chance to explore these careers alongside our students, possibly in careers that we may not have heard or seen ourselves completing, giving us a chance to better advise our students when choosing their paths after graduation.
Caroline B.
Senior CTE Specialist
This is the second time I do this simulation today because I really liked it when I did it this morning. I’m even helping my friend with connecting the cables to get the lightbulb to turn on cause I had no problems with getting it to work. I know I want to do this as a job after I graduate from high school because it’s easy, fun, and I get to work with my hands, and it’s just really interesting to me what I could do as an Electrician
Tedricc R.
High School Student, HISD

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