Student Resources

Available in English or Spanish, BridgeYear Advising is here to help you navigate confusing program applications and any barriers you come against.

Sign Up for Advising

Through one-on-one text support, our Advising program will answer all of your post-high school questions to ensure you obtain success.

Resources to plan your future

Access custom-made resources and links to help plan your future after high school. All supports are free and created just for you!

Counselor Resources

BridgeYear does the heavy lifting to provide vetted and reliable resources so you can focus your efforts on personally helping your individual students.

Postsecondary Pathways Conference

This free virtual conference will increase your network of postsecondary programs you can help your students to pursue.

Resources to use with your students

Use the Postsecondary Pathways Database to help plan your students’ postsecondary futures. More resources coming soon.