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BridgeYear partners with community colleges and vocational training programs to increase student enrollment and interest.


Students are often unaware of the free and low cost career education classes available in their communities. By partnering with BridgeYear, you can help spread valuable information about your organization's offerings.


Students across the region will learn about the career education courses your organization offers, resulting in increased interest and applications to your programs.
Connect with 200-300 students in just one day!


Recruit a pipeline of motivated applicants! Working with BridgeYear allows you connect with students interested in enrolling in your career education programs to obtain opportunities for economic mobility and employment.

help open doors to Opportunity

We know that community colleges, employers, and training programs have long provided invaluable services for students after high school. By providing affordable and accessible certification and training options, career education partners are integral to the BridgeYear program.  

Our career education partnerships allow for a symbiotic relationship in which our students gain access to clear career pathways while our partners gain access to a deep well of qualified and interested applicants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Last year we partnered with Memorial Assistant Ministries (see below) to offer a full-service pilot of our program where students interested in the Phlebotomy CTD got free acceptance into MAM’s summer phlebotomy training program.

By partnering with more career education programs, we hope to offer our students more of these kinds of opportunities to both help:

  • career education programs get consistent access to motivated students interested in enrolling in their programs
  • students get enrolled in career pathways that will provide them with economic stability and independence

Partner With BridgeYear

PARTNER Spotlight

Memorial Assistant Ministries (MAM) partners with BridgeYear to provide students direct access to career education opportunities. Last year during our the full-service pilot of our program, students who participated in the Phlebotomist Career Test Drive were provided free acceptance into MAM’s summer phlebotomy training program. As a result, these students received their certificate to work as a phlebotomist before their peers even started their first semester of college.

“I just decided I want to try this. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after high school — which college, which trade? I was just lost, I was confused. Stay home and do nothing? Now I’m actually going to do something for my future. I said, ‘You know what, I’m going to go for this.’”

– Nestor Del Real, former BridgeYear student and graduate of MAM’s phlebotomy program

Memorial Assistant Ministries
Partner since 2018


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