Career Test Drive® Program

BridgeYear’s Career Test Drive® Program reimagines career exploration by providing hands-on simulations in different high-growth, high-demand careers. Our dynamic experience allows students to explore interests and skills while learning about successful career pathways that require less than a 4-year degree.

What Makes Our Career Test Drive® Program Unique

Every Career Test Drive® Program service – whether it’s our Labs or Fairs – provides youth these three things:

Automotive Technician Career Test Drive Program Simulation

Hands-On Simulations

While some students enjoy taking tours and listening to guest speakers, many would prefer to test different careers for themselves. Our hands-on career simulations offer students the opportunity to see first-hand whether they like a career or not.

Industry-Aligned Careers

BridgeYear uses workforce data and direct partnerships with employers to expose youth to in-demand careers. This means we’re both strengthening the labor market and helping students pursue successful career opportunities.

Non 4-Year Pathways

Today’s emphasis on college has forced many students to feel that a bachelor’s degree is the only path to success. By focusing on career pathways requiring less than a 4-year degree, we expose youth to options they never considered before.

Find the Perfect Career Test Drive® Program for Your Students

BridgeYear offers two  Career Test Drive® Program services that provide students meaningful career exploration wherever your students are. Whether it’s our Career Test Drive® Labs or Fairs, each BridgeYear service provides a hands-on, industry-informed experience that exposes youth to careers requiring less than a 4-year degree. Learn more about each service below:

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Takes place in the school gym

Students explore careers through large-scale simulations in a spacious area

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