Career Accelerators

BridgeYear’s Career Accelerators are immersive, student-focused programming exclusively for graduating seniors who are interested in short-term training programs or two-year postsecondary options. These transformative events offer students a unique opportunity to step into real corporate environments and engage directly with industry professionals. By participating in Career Accelerators, students can gain invaluable insights and practice essential soft skills, preparing them to confidently enter the workforce and embark on their next chapter in a professional setting.

The Friedkin Group Headquarters

The Student Experience

Through engaging sessions on resume-building, professional communications, and mock interviews, students not only gain valuable knowledge but also visualize their own professional growth by walking through the hallways of corporate partners.

BridgeYear Staff guiding students through a resume workshop

Resume-Building Workshop

Elevate student career readiness with our guided resume-building session. Students craft professional resumes with expert guidance from BridgeYear staff, harnessing a powerful tool to present skills and experiences to potential employers.

Professional Communications

Develop students’ essential workplace communication skills. From effective email etiquette to in-person communication strategies, BridgeYear ensures students are well-prepared to excel in their future careers.

Students listening to a presentation on professional communications
Student speaking with Honeywell staff

Mock Interviews

Boost student interview skills with our mock interview sessions facilitated by corporate volunteers. Students gain confidence, personalized feedback, and readiness for future job interviews.

A Sample Agenda

Explore a typical day at our Career Accelerator through this sample agenda, featuring our engaging breakout sessions on professional communication, resume building, mock interviews, and more.

9:30-10:15 AM

Welcome and Opening Session

10:30-11:15 AM

Breakout Sessions

  • Professional Communications
  • Resume Building
  • Mock Interview
  • Facility Tour

11:15 AM-12:00 PM

Lunch Break

12:00-12:45 PM

Breakout Sessions

  • Professional Communications
  • Resume Building
  • Mock Interview
  • Facility Tour

1:00-1:15 PM

Closing Remarks

From the Mouths of Our Teachers and Students

It's such a treat for students to get into a real-world environment to learn workforce skills. Who knows, one of them may want to work at [this company] after this.”
HISD Career Readiness
“The mock interview wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be... I feel like I can answer questions a lot better when asked ‘tell me about yourself’ thanks to the tips they gave me.”
Wisdom High School

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