Career Education Partnerships

BridgeYear’s program would not be possible without the committment from our partners. Join our mission to help underserved youth achieve economic stability and independence.

Partnership spotlight

Increasing Exposure
Students and educators are learning about Capital IDEA through our Postsecodary Pathways Database (seen here) and our virtual Postsecondary Pathways Conference.
Direct Recruitment
Through BridgeYear Advising, students receive one-on-one support to help them apply to Capital IDEA Houston.
Hands-On Experience
Opportunity youth "try on" careers to determine which track they want to pursue through Capital IDEA Houston.

CAREER education partners

Career education programs have long provided invaluable services for students after high school including affordable certification and training options. However, finding applicants to fill these programs isn’t always easy.

By becoming a BridgeYear partner, we connect interested applicants directly to your program through:

BridgeYear’s first virtual Postsecodnary Pathways Conference connected over 50 high school educators to postsecondary programs.

Through our one-on-one Advising service, BridgeYear personally helps youth find, apply to and pursue local career education opportunities. 

Students and educators alike use our Postseconday Pathways Database to learn about and compare career education programs accross greater Houston.

Build your pipeline of qualified applicants