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Healthcare Career Test Drive® Kit

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What is in the Healthcare Career Kit?

The Healthcare Industry is growing at a fast rate and the Coronavirus pandemic has only amplified the importance of healthcare professions. If your student enjoys helping people, directly or indirectly, this field might be the perfect fit.

Use the tabs below to find out more about each career and its kit activity.

Medical Lab Technicians perform tests to analyze various substances and bodily fluids.

In the BridgeYear Medical Lab Technician Career Kit, students will analyze fake blood samples to determine the blood type of four patients. Then students will use cross matching to determine if a blood donor is a suitable match to use for a blood transfusion.

Health Information Technicians work to ensure that medical payments are processed quickly and accurately. 

In the BridgeYear Health Information Technician Career Kit, students will complete all three aspects of billing and coding for a group of patients and time themselves for efficiency and accuracy.

Average Salaries

Medical Lab Technician:

Average Yearly Income

Health Information Technician:

Average Yearly Income

Required Training

Medical Lab Technician:

2 years - Associate of Applied Science

Health Information Technician:

1-2 years - Certifications and/or Associate of Applied Science

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