BridgeYear/NKBA Career Tour

BridgeYear and National Kitchen & Bath Association Launch Career Tour to Introduce High School Students to Skills-Based Professional Opportunities

We are excited to announce that on January 10, we launched the BridgeYear/NKBA Career Tour, introducing high school seniors to lucrative and in-demand job opportunities in the kitchen and bath industry outside the traditional four-year college degree path. Through our partnership with NKBA, we aim to reach about 24,000 high school students by Year Three.

Students are active participants in Career Test Drive® stations that simulate finish carpentry, installation, kitchen and bath design, plumbing, electrical and showroom sales. The stations allow students to experience various kitchen and bath careers, while also gaining valuable insight into potential pathways they can pursue after graduation to capitalize on opportunities in the field.

For example, the Showroom Sales Career Test Drive station provides students with techniques and tips for driving sales to sustain a profitable kitchen and bath showroom business. Students who enjoy interacting with others and who have a genuine interest in improving the lives of other people will learn interpersonal communication techniques, such as listening and effective message delivery, for building customer relationships.

NKBA members who work for kitchen and bath design studios, showrooms and remodeling companies across the Houston/Galveston metropolitan region are supporting us by volunteering their time and expertise alongside our instructors to help students learn more about kitchen and bath industry careers. NKBA members can also post on the Jobs portal local full- and part-time employment and internship opportunities for students who participate in the BridgeYear/NKBA Career Tour and are interested in learning more about job possibilities. These include employment opportunities they can pursue even while they are still in high school or after graduation.

We are thrilled to have NKBA as a partner to reach a wide network of students encompassing the interest, curiosity and drive compatible with hands-on careers in the kitchen and bath industry.