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Your support will help us provide more students with roadmaps for their futures. Thank you for making a difference!

BridgeYear is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by the IRS.

Our 2019 - 2020 Supporters

BridgeYear was able to serve more than 7,115 students thanks to our generous supporters. We are grateful for every gift that has allowed us to connect underserved high school graduates to careers and educational opportunities that provide economic stability and independence.

$500,000 + Above

National Kitchen & Bath Association

$200,000 + Above

Jerry C. Dearing Family Foundation

$50,000 + Above

Charles Koch Foundation

The Children’s Fund

Laura & John Arnold

$25,000 + Above

Halliburton Charitable Foundation

Powell Foundation

Project 88 Foundation

Wayne Duddlesten Foundation

Workforce Solutions

$10,000 + Above

Community Ventures

Dawn & Robert Hawley Family Foundation

Marvy Finger Family Foundation

Simmons Foundation

$5,000 + Above

Center for Civic Leadership, Rice University

Janet Clark

JP Morgan Chase

Karen Arnold

Michael & Rebecca Cemo Foundation

The Tapeats Fund

$1,000 + Above

AMA Houston

American First National Bank

Alan Carniol

Christine & Minh Tran

GAN Founder Support Fund

Georgia Hsieh

Langenstein Family Fund

Renovation Angel

$500 + Above

Bryant & Lauren Black

Dave & Cathy Bouchein

Monika Spoor

Nicole Chen & Tate Tabtieng

$250 + Above

Ann Srubar

Catherine Wu

Dora Cantu

Emily Todd 

Laura Dew

Lee Chen Hwung & Hong-Lin Chen

Lynn DesPrez

Matthew Bosch

Megan Steckly

Shalini & Anand Agarwal

$100 + Above

August Hamilton

Brandi Brevard

Caroline Doan & Stanley Lo

Chen Joseph Family

Cindy Dinh & Thao Nguyen

Emma Oliver

Evan Wildstein

Li-Li Chen

Luna Nguyen & Peter Pham

Lynda Blancato

Mark & Sylvia Rafail

Mary Bourne-Marth

The Pan Household

Victoria Chen & Victoria Doan

Zachary Wyatte