Chat with BridgeYear: Live Q&A Event

Our amazing team of 9 has worked tirelessly through the pandemic to help young people access successful careers. Come celebrate their accomplishments with us and chat about all the ups and downs of this past year. In addition to taking your questions, our team members have also filmed some fun segments to give you the inside scoop on BridgeYear. And don’t worry, this isn’t a Zoom event so you can tune in with your PJ’s on!



Everyone! Whether you're new to BridgeYear or you've been with us since 2016, this event if for you to chat with our team and learn about recent advancements.


Thursday, May 20th from 5:30 to 6:30 P.M. CST. This jam-packed 60 minutes that will fly by with fun video updates and opportunities to ask questions in real-time.


Tune in via YouTube Live or Facebook Live! This is a Zoom-free event, so don't worry about having your camera or microphone on to participate.

Catch Up with our Team

Tune into our virtual Q&A event to catch up with our team and learn how BridgeYear has evolved. As an attendee to this FREE event, you will:

Get an inside look at the new instructional platform we use for Career Test Drive® Kits with Meredith

Watch our two new board members try out our BRAND NEW Auto Tech Career Test Drive® Kit simulations

Get a behind the scenes look at the manufacturing and assembling of Career Test Drive® Kits with Evelyn

Hear about youth in our Advising program and how student support has evolved with Alicia

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frequently asked questions

BridgeYear is a nonprofit organization founded to address the gap between high school and what’s next. We specifically work with students from underserved communities who might not have a plan after high school to introduce them to high-growth, high-demand career opportunities that pay living wages and above.

RSVP here so we can put you on the list, keep you in the loop and and send the links on the day of the event!

Internet access – that’s it! This is a Zoom-free event, so you don’t need your camera or microphone on to participate.

Submit your questions via the chat box on your YouTube OR Facebook livestream. BridgeYear will be able to pull these questions on screen for everyone to see and answer live.

BridgeYear will provide links via email the day of the event to RSVP’d attendees. You can also tune-in from this page.

Yes, we will share a recording of the event. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to access it!

You can reach out to Bevyn Howard at

Having technical difficulties accessing the Live Q&A Event? Call Stefany at 713-924-8210 (only available during the event on May 20th).