Volunteer Program

Volunteers are essential to providing invaluble insight into the careers we highlight while also helping build a pipeline of talent into their industry. Through BridgeYear’s LIVE sessions, volunteers offer their time and knowledge to help empower students to take their next steps in their future career.

volunteer for career kit virtual live sessions

After trying-on careers through BridgeYear’s Career Test Drive® Kit program, students will attend virtual LIVE sessions to debrief the activty and learn more about each career. At each virtual LIVE session, industry volunteers will participate in the following activites to provide students essential on-the-job insights, all in the comfort of their home or office.

virtual LIVE session volunteer activites

Differences in Real Life

Volunteers will have the opportunity to talk through the Career Kit simulation while discussing the nuances of the kit versus real life. 

My Pathway Journey

Volunteers will share their personal career journey to teach students about the different pathways they can take to reach success.

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Construction & Design
Career Test Drive® Kit

Open to NKBA & Hammr professionals nationwide

Reach Houston-area
youth (March 18th)

Reach Newark-area
youth (March 31st)

Career Test Drive® Kit

Open to all healthcare professionals nationwide

Reach Houston-area
youth (March 18th)