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Construction & Design Career Test Drive® Kit

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What is in the C&D Career Kit?

The Construction & Design industry includes anything from interior designers to electricians and builders. If your student is interested in problem solving and working with their hands, then a career in the Construction & Design industry might be the perfect fit. 

Use the tabs below to find out more about each career and its kit activity.

Note – there are two versions of the C&D Career Kit:

  • Designer & Electrician
  • Designer & Finish Carpenter (new addition)

Kitchen and Bath Designers curate some of the most important spaces of the home.

In the BridgeYear Kitchen & Bath Designer Career Kit, students will use their imagination and creativty to create a new kitchen layout while learning the rules and guidelines set by the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) .

Whether in residential or commercial buildings, Electricians play a crucial role in building development.

In the BridgeYear Electrician Career Kit, students will learn the basics of electrical circuits and safety protocols. Using standard electrical tools and materials, students will wire light switches and light bulbs in various circuits (e.g., closed, open, series, and parallel).

Finish Carpenters provide the finishing touches to make structures in homes aesthetically pleasing. This includes installing baseboards, window and cabinet trimming, and wainscoting on walls. 

In the BridgeYear Finish Carpenter Career Kit, students will install a board and batten style wainscoting on a scaled-down wall using wood, measuring and cutting tools, paint, glue, a wall diagram, and step by step instructions. Attention to detail, patience, and precision are necessary to complete this task successfully.

Average Salaries


Average Yearly Income


Average Yearly Income

Finish Carpenter:

Average Yearly Income

Required Training


2 years - Associate's Degree


2-6 years - Apprenticeship and on-the-job training

Finish Carpenter:

2+ years - Apprenticeship and optional Associate's Degree

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