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School District Partnerships

We help students discover new opportunities and postsecondary pathways
while advising them to success.

Industry Aligned

BridgeYear partners with employers to connect your students to high-growth, high-demand careers. Our employer partners help guide our research, curriculum design, and advising to introduce your students to their future careers.


We design all our Career Test DriveⓇ fairs with students in mind. We pride ourselves on designing effective and educational modules to ensure all students walk away with a fun and meaningful experience that will stick with them for years to come!


All students matter, and you shouldn't have to choose who gets to participate! BridgeYear works with up to 300 students in a single day and can feature any of our current modules, allowing you to tailor the experience to best fit your students.

Prepare your students for the workforce

According to the Aspen Institute, there are
4.6 million 16-24 year olds who are disconnected from school or work, otherwise known as “opportunity youth.”
Many of these youth have a high school diploma, indicating an issue after high school graduation.

To combat this phenomenon, BridgeYear cultivates strong school district partnerships to stop this problem before it even starts.

By working with key decision makers at the district and school level, BridgeYear ensures all students, not just a select few, graduate with a plan after high school.

Frequently Asked Questions

The BridgeYear experience is easy for schools to implement as we only need the following the day of a fair:
  • A large open space (like a gym or cafeteria) that is available for an entire day, including ~2 hours for set up and clean up
  • Portable tables (with number to be determined during consultation)
  • Access to a water source
  • Wifi credentials

BridgeYear can work with 200-300 students in a day and is designed to operate around your school’s schedule. In any given rotation, BridgeYear can work with 50-60 students at a time based on space requirements.

BridgeYear is most effective when working with students during a period of transition, such as senior year. However, BridgeYear programming is adapted to work with students as young as 8th grade.

Please see our Program page for a list of current Career Test Drive offerings.

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